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Updated Mask Protocols

As of 5/18/21, Spectators must wear facial coverings when entering and leaving a facility and in all common areas. Spectators may remove their mask only when seated and 6’ from the next spectator group. Family units from the same household do not need to distance, but should remain 6’ from the next spectator group. 

For Youth aged 18 years and under when outdoors and engaged in moderate risk sports (soccer), a mask will not be required. Players will be required to continue to wear a face covering (mask) when entering and exiting the facility, in all common areas where 6’ of social distancing can not be maintained and on the bench when not engaged in playing on the field. At their parent’s discretion, players may continue to wear a mask while playing soccer.

For participants aged 19 years and older when outdoors and engaged in moderate risk sports (soccer) where social distancing can not be continually maintained (soccer) a face covering must be worn while actively playing. The player may remove the face covering for frequent short mask breaks to catch their breath when they are out of proximity of other players (at least 6’) using caution to avoid touching the front or inside of the face covering by using the ear loops to remove and replace.

All participants must wear facial coverings on the bench or sidelines at all times and in any huddles or timeouts from active play. This includes players with a medical exemption. This requirement applies to all coaches, staff, and referees and any other officials. Referees age 18 and younger do not need to wear a face covering while on the field of play officiating a game. Once off the field, a face covering must be worn. The use of electronic whistles or similar non-traditional whistles by all referees is required. Unless otherwise specified by the league or facility any type of CDC recommended facial covering may be worn by these parties. 

Some town, city and regional Boards of Health as well as leagues may impose more restrictive measures for facial coverings for participants and spectators. If so, these restrictions take precedence.

Our mission
Georgetown Youth Soccer exists to promote the game of soccer for the youth of Georgetown, Massachusetts, through organized competitions and educational programs for the benefit of players, coaches, referees, and the public.

Our affiliations
The GYSA affiliates all players, coaches, and administrators with the Georgetown Athletic Association (GAA), Essex County Youth Soccer Association (ECYSA), Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), and United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and shall be bound by rules of those organization, to the extent that any part of these By-Laws shall conflict with either local, state, or national regulations, those rules shall govern.

The membership of the GYSA is all Board Members, all Coaches, and all registered players and their parents. All members are permitted and encouraged to attend any or all GYSA official meetings.

Fall and spring seasons
Soccer is played in the Spring and the Fall. Typically the spring begins in early April, the fall in early September. Registrations for both of those seasons typically opens at the end of the current season. For example, fall registration usually opens around the end of the spring season.

Operating calendar
Our fiscal and seasonal years begin on August 1st and end on July 31st.

Open Registrations
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.