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Spring '18 registration is OPEN!
All grade groups, all ages.

Registration is $100 per player at all levels with a family discount applied to the 3rd child and beyond. $50 late fee will be applied for late registrations for travel players. 25$ admin fee will be charged for cancelled registrations.

• Upload a current photo for your player(s)
• Update their grade to what they will be in the fall. 
(If in 3rd grade now, they will be 4th grade in the fall)



Spring season starts Saturday April 7, 2018 

We are currently accepting registrations and forming teams.

Travel team uniforms

The uniform will include standard black socks and shorts (with no additional striping or embellishments to make it easier to swap or pass along) and the jersey will consist of a Royal Blue and Black stripe pattern with the GYSA logo on the chest. The total cost for the uniform is $65.

Team and League Outfitters is located on 103 East Main Street in Georgetown (next to Honey Dew Donuts in the Georgetown Supply Plaza). Store owner Jennifer Dziadosz will be ready to fit your player between May 18 and June 8. 

Team and League Outfitters regular store hours:

  • 11:00am – 05:00pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 08:00am – 12:00pm on Saturday

Please note:

  • Existing travel players cannot pick new numbers
  • Existing travel players who play with the jersey of an older brother or sister must pick a new number
  • G2 players moving up to G4 in the Fall can pick their numbers (provided they are not already taken)

If you have questions related to the above you can email Jennifer Dziadosz at or GYSA President Joshua Greenblatt at


MYSA Adult Registration for Coaches and Volunteers
Adults participating in any capacity with GYSA must register with MYSA adult registration at:

Once you register it will send you an email to inform you if you then need to perform a new CORI or if your existing is still good and its expiration date. Adult registration with MYSA is required annually for every new soccer season.

GYSA Little Kickers!
 A new pre-school program for ages 3-5
The Little Kickers program offered by GYSA is a six week program that starts in mid-April. Age appropriate activities are run by coaches who are CORI certified and properly trained to facilitate a group of kids of this age. Although it is a soccer program, and some fundamentals will be introduced, our goal is to get the kids moving, learn better balance and figure out what the heck this round ball with the strange shapes on it is.

Labeling of age categories will change. 
Familiar labels like U10, U12, etc. will no longer be used. Ages will now be defined as grade year levels and will be labeled as G4, G6, etc. We will still have dual age groups (same as now) so in the G4 age category, 3rd and 4th graders will be playing together.

Team size: Change to take effect fall 2016
Starting in the fall of 2016, G4 and G6 will have an extra player on the field. This initiative was supported to provide better player development.

  • G4 will play with a goalie and 6 field players (7 total)
  • G6 will have a goalie plus 8 field players (9 total)

Age cut-off date
This was the big change that everyone across the US has been discussing feverishly over the last couple of months. 

Background: The US and Canada are the only 2 countries in the world using grade year (August 1) as the cut off to determine who plays U10, U12, etc. US Soccer—nudged on by FIFA—will explore changing the cut-off date to calendar year (January 1) in order to align all youth programs world wide. 

ECYSA, and GYSA, will continue to use ‘grade year’ as the cut-off date for the fall 2016/spring 2017 seasons (same as before). ECYSA sees no change in this cut-off requirement for the foreseeable future.

Our mission
Georgetown Youth Soccer Authority exists to promote the game of soccer for the youth of Georgetown, Massachusetts, through organized competitions and through educational programs for the benefit of players, coaches, referees, and public.

Our affiliations
The GYSA affiliates all players, coaches, and administrators with the Georgetown Athletic Association (GAA), Essex County Youth Soccer Association (ECYSA), Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), and United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) and shall be bound by rules of those organization, to the extent that any part of these By-Laws shall conflict with either local, state, or national regulations, those rules shall govern.

The membership of the GYSA is all Board Members, all Coaches, and all registered players and their parents. All members are permitted and encouraged to attend any or all GYSA official meetings.

Fall and spring seasons
Soccer is played in the Spring and the Fall. Typically the spring begins in early April, the fall in early September. Registrations for both of those seasons typically opens at the end of the current season. For example, fall registration usually opens around the end of the spring season.

Operating calendar
Our fiscal and seasonal years begin on August 1st and end on July 31st.

Open Registrations
  • Soccer Spring 2018 - Players

    In-Town and Clinics only. All Travel Teams are closed.

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  • Soccer Spring 2018 - Coach

    In-Town only. All Travel Teams are closed.

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If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.