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Welcome to the home of Georgetown Baseball!  Georgetown Baseball offers instructional and competitive baseball programs to the youth of Georgetown, Massachusetts.  Georgetown Baseball is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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Baseball Evaluations - 2019
Posted Dec 8, 2016

Every Spring, Georgetown Baseball holds an evaluation day in March for our grade 2-6 players who will play in our Spring Farm, Minor and Major League programs. That day is scheduled for March 23, 2019 at New England Premier Sportsplex, Route One - Danvers. Players will be evaluated for fielding, outfield, hitting, and pitching.  Our regular-season teams will be formed based upon these evaluations and the summer coaches may take this data into consideration when forming the summer teams.  Players should bring their bats, gloves and helmets- please use sneakers instead of cleats.

The schedule is as follows:

2nd Grade- sign-in 8:00am evals start at 8:30am

3rd Grade- sign-in 8:30am evals start at 9:00am

4th Grade- sign-in at 9:00am evals start at 9:30am

5th Grade- sign-in at 9:30am evals start at 10:00am

6th Grade- sign-in at 10:00am evals start at 10:30am

This is our eighth full year being affiliated with the Cal Ripken League.  What this means to Georgetown Baseball is an opportunity for some very competitive summer tournaments for our 8-12 years old teams.   A few years ago year we changed the process and criteria in choosing our summer teams.  We will create our Summer Tournament Teams sooner than in years past.  The first step in formulating these teams will begin on March 23, with our annual evaluation day.  The process continues with input and recommendations from regular season coaches once the season is under way.

Historically, the minors and majors teams in Georgetown have needed to have a certain number of "call up players" and/or "permanent play up players" identified to round out their rosters.  This will be done based on evaluations and more information for 2019 can be found at

See you on the field!

Georgetown Baseball Programs - 2019
Posted Oct 12, 2016

NOTE:  Schedules, Standings, etc. can be found at for Minors and Majors divisions.

Tee Ball (Pre-K and K)

Mike Noon, Age Director (
Players are eligible for Tball if they currently attend kindergarten, or will be attending kindergarten in the fall of 2019. Georgetown tee ball focuses on teaching basic baseball skills in a very fun and recreational environment.  Players begin the season hitting off of the tee and often end the season hitting soft pitching thrown by coaches. (2019 Fee - $100 per player). 

Practices: There are no practices apart from the clinic-style program that runs on Saturday mornings at Penn Brook School.  

Games: Simulated games take place during the clinic-style program on Saturday mornings at Penn Brook School.

Farm (1st-2nd Grade)

Mike Paglia, Age Director (  & Keith Grant, Age Director (
Farm League is Georgetown’s instructional league bridging the basics of tee ball and the more competitive minor league division.  Players will continue to develop the basic fundamental skills and knowledge of the game needed to progress their skill set.  Farm League is primarily a coach pitch league. (2019 Fee - $115 per player)

Practices: Practices typically take place at Penn Brook School and times vary throughout the week.

Games: TBA

Minors (3rd-4th Grade)

Rob Neilson, Age Director ( & John Crosby, Age Director (
The minor League Program is Georgetown’s league which builds upon the basics of Farm League and begins preparing the player for the major league division.  To raise the competitive level, teams play not only other teams from Georgetown, but also compete against some of our neighboring towns.  Players will continue to learn and build upon the fundamental skills and begin developing the mental acumen required to become an effective player.  Minor League is a completely kid pitch league.  (2019 Fee - $140 per player)

Practices: Practices typically take place at Penn Brook School and times vary throughout the week.

Games: TBA, Home Games are at Penn Brook School on S/S/M/T/TH/F (times vary)

Season: The minors season runs from April through June (typically done by the end of school).

Majors (5th-6th Grade)

Mark Thibeault, Age Director (
The major League Program is Georgetown’s league which builds upon the skills developed in the Minor League and begins advancing those skills in preparation for Babe Ruth.  Teams play not only other teams from Georgetown, but also compete against some of our neighboring towns.  Players will continue to build and enhance  the fundamental skills and continue development of the mental aspects required to become an effective player.  (2019 Fee - $140 per player)

Practices: Practices take place at ALP and times vary throughout the week.  Two practice time blocks are usually available: 5-6:30PM and 6:30-8:00 PM

Games: American Leauge (Mo/Th/Sa), National (Tu/Fr/Su)

Season: The majors season runs from April through June (typically done by the end of school).

Babe Ruth (7th-10th)

Pete Lucido, Age Director (
The Babe Ruth Program is the culmination of Georgetown’s youth league and encompasses all the youth skills learned and moves to the large baseball diamond.  To raise the competitive level, teams play not only other teams from Georgetown, but also compete against some of our neighboring towns.  Players will continue to build their baseball skills and acumen in a competitive environment.  (2019 Fee -$180 per player)

Practices: TBA

Games: Sunday through Thursdays, schedule TBA.  Home games are on the GHS turf (13s amd 14-15b) and GHS Varsity field (14-15b)

Season: 13s season begins in April.  14-15s season starts after the GHS season is over (through summer). 

For more information, please email your age director(s) directly!

Georgetown Baseball Winter Clinic - 2019
Posted Jan 2, 2018

Georgetown Baseball Winter Clinic

New England Premier Sportsplex

Friday Nights - Feb 1, 2019 – March 22, 2019

(Note: No Clinic February Vacation Week - 2/15 or 2/22)

6:00 - 7:30



  • Knock the rust off in time for the start of the Spring Season
  • Tune up old skills and learn some new ones
  • Focus on both fundamental and mental aspects of the game
  • Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, and Base running Instruction by PlayBall and Georgetown Baseball Experienced Coaching Staff
  • Feedback from last years players/parents and coaches is that those player who attending the clinic where more prepared for the start of the season and really had a leg up

Open to players Grades 1st-6th -  $75.00 per player

Sign up here:



Georgetown Baseball News
Posted Nov 27, 2017


ITBL recently voted to adopt the new USA bat regulations along with the other major, national youth baseball leagues (Little League, Cal Ripken, etc.).  Beginning in January, 2018, all ITBL players must use a bat with the new "USA Baseball" stamp (Not USSSA) and bats without this stamp will not be legal.  Bats with the 1.15 Bat Performance Factor (BPF) stamp will not be legal after January 2018.  

Essentially, the new bat standard ensures that the exit velocity and performance of the bats closely mimics that of wooden bats.  This is done to preserve the long-term integrity of the game along with increasing safety for pitchers and infielders.  As this standard is relatively new, bat companies are in the process of releasing 2018 USA Baseball stamped bats.  Some companies released their first line of bats in September and others are slated to release new bats throughout the year.

Our players in grades 3+ participate in a league called "Inter-town Baseball League" (ITBL).  All players in grades 3+ will need to use a USA stamped bat this coming season.  

Note: This does not apply at all to teeball or in-town grade 1/2 farm players.

Thank you!

-Georgetown Baseball Board

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