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Ages 3-5 (Pre-school)

If you have a question about what program your child belongs in, please review this chart first.

Little Kickers
For players between the ages of 3 and 5. Two seperate clinics offered:

Saturdays: Spring 2019 Starts in April • 8:00am - 8:45 • Penn Brook field #4
Wednesdays: Spring 2019 Starts in April • 3:30p - 4:15 • Penn Brook field #4

NEW for 2019! Register for both Wednesday and Saturday for $150.00

Fall season: Starts 1st week in September (No Saturday clinic Columbus Day weekend)
Spring season: Starts 3rd week in April (No Saturday clinic Memorial Day weekend) 

The "Little Kickers" program is a six week clinic that introduces your youngster to age appropriate activities. It is run by professional coaches who are CORI certified and properly trained to facilitate a group of kids of this age. Although it is a soccer program, and some fundamentals will be introduced, our goal is to get the kids moving, learn better balance and figure out what the heck this round ball with the strange shapes on it is.

The Little Kickers staff encourages parent volunteers to help out. Remember, this is a group activity focusing on the physical development of the player. If he or she wants to hold a parent's hand while they play, GO FOR IT!

As with all levels, the clinic costs $100 and there is a sibling discount of 50% off srating with your third child in any GYSA program.

All GYSA volunteers involved with players of any age undergo a strict approval process including concussion traing, adult registration with Mass Youth Soccer, and a CORI check. For more info, click here.

Open Registrations
  • Spring 2019 - Soccer Players - All ages and grades

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