Georgetown Athletics Association

Posted Mar 19, 2016

Lacrosse Sign Fundraiser

Dear Parents of Georgetown Lacrosse, 

It’s that time of year again. The 2016 Spring Lacrosse season is upon us and we are, once again, offering families the opportunity to purchase an 18” X 24” sign to support their favorite player(s). Signs feature a personalized message and will be displayed along the field at each one of our home games. Over the years we have had a great response to this fundraiser and received many compliments from visiting teams on this great idea. Plus, the players love seeing their name along the field. 

Over the past few seasons we have seen an increase in the number of kids playing lacrosse and we continue to work hard to grow our program and provide the players with the best possible experience. Our goal is to create a love of this sport with kids at an early age. This will allow us to grow players that will feed right into the high school Junior Varsity and Varsity level teams. 

With the money raised from this fundraiser, we are able to continue our partnership with New England Select Lacrosse to provide the opportunity for all the players in our program to take part in the NESLL winter clinics. This is a $450 value per player. To our knowledge, no other youth program in our area provides this type of training to their players. We have received a lot of feedback from parents saying we need to do whatever it takes to continue the winter clinics. This fundraiser not only allows the kids to get extra training through NESLL over the winter, but it allows coaches to attend training sessions to be certified US Lacrosse level one or two coaches and be certified in the Positive Coaches Alliance. The Lacrosse Program, with the help of your donations, funds these training programs. 

The prices of this year’s signs are as follows: 

Sign Renewal: $40

For families who purchased a sign last year (or before) and would like to keep the same message.  

New Signs: $50 

At all home games, the fields will be lined with your signs supporting the program and your favorite player. Players graduating from the program from the U-15’s and moving on to the high school will have their sign retired and it will be given to the family. 

How do you take advantage of this opportunity? Simply fill out the attached form that was sent in the email promoting this event and send a check payable to GAA Lacrosse in the amount required based on the prices above. Order forms and checks must be received by Georgetown Lacrosse by March 26th.  Please send all checks to Stephanie Cannata, 23 Middle Street, Georgetown, MA 01833. Or drop it in the mailbox. 

In order to have the signs ready for our first home games on April 10th so please send your orders in by the March 26th deadline. 

Your donation is also 100% tax deductible! What have you got to lose?