Georgetown Athletics Association

Georgetown Baseball: Board of Directors
Posted Nov 13, 2015

The Geogetown Baseball Board of Directors is the governing body of Georgetown Baseball.  Correspondence can be directed to the board via email at:

2019 Georgetown Baseball Board of Directors

Dave Maglio, President

OPEN, Treasurer

Jason Nadeau, Secretary

John Willis, Communication

Mike Gilstein, Registrar / ITBL President

Rich Williams, Equipment

Steve Ziolkowski, Field maintenance

 Chris Russell, Sponsorships & Uniforms

Rick Gilmore, At Large

Andy Lee, At Large

Jeff Loewen, ITBL Representative

Phil Desilets, GHS Varsity Manager/Player & Coach Development

Scott MacDonald, Player & Coach Development

Pete Lucido, Babe Ruth Director/Cooperstown Coordinator

Mark Thibeault, Majors Age Director, Cal Ripken Representative

Rob Nielson, Minors Age Director/Team Photos

John Crosby, Minors Age Director

Mike Paglia, Farm Age Director

Keith Grant, Farm Age Director

 Mike Noon, Tee Ball Age Director



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