Georgetown Athletics Association

Georgetown Youth Flag Football - COVID-19 Return to Play
Return to Play Rules

Due to COVID-19, GYFFL BOD has voted to adopt these additional safety rules for all practice and game play during the 2020 Fall Flag Football Season. All coaches, players, parents, spectators and officials must abide by these rules. Failure to abide by these rules could result in game forfeitures, removal from the league, or an end to the entire 2020 season.

1. GYFFL will require all players’ parents/guardians to sign participation waivers outlining the additional risks with this activity due to COVID-19. Any participant without a signed waiver will be ineligible to play.

2. Transmission Prevention
All Parents will be held responsible for their players health monitoring. Please use extreme caution when making decisions to participate in any activity as it may impact the health of your child, your family, the team, the league and OUR community.
a. Clean your hands often, either with soap and water for 20 seconds or a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
b. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
c. Put distance between yourself and other people (at least 6 feet).
d. Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others.
e. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
f. Monitor immediate families health and isolate in the event of symptoms.
g. Temperature Check: Players, Coaches and Spectators are asked to take their own temperature before leaving the house for practices or games and they should stay at home with any reading of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher according to CDC definitions of reportable illnesses for contagious disease.
h. If any coach/player/game official or immediate family member has tested positive, has signs of the virus, or has come in direct contact with a COVID positive person or presumed positive they cannot participate in football activities for a minimum of 14 days and should follow federal and state guidelines, or until a negative test result is received.
i. If any coach/player/game official or immediate family member has signs of the virus, or has come in direct contact with a COVID presumed positive person, they cannot participate in football activities until a negative test result is received and should follow federal and state guidelines, or until a negative test result is received.
j. If any player, coach, parent, spectator or game official in attendance exhibit any signs of sickness (including, but not limited to fever, cough, and difficulty breathing) they will be asked to leave the premises immediately. A determination on continuation of play will be made at that time. COVID communication Plan will be enacted.
k. If a player and/or player family travels internationally, or to a state currently listed as high risk by the State of MA, they will be asked to not participate in football activities until the 14 day isolation period passes with no symptoms or a negative COVID test is presented to GYFFL.

3. Pre-Game Activities
a. Pre-game warm-ups will be performed with 6ft distancing for stretching and when not participation in pre-game walk through/practice.
b. Pre-game Coaches Meeting must be executed at six ft social distancing with face masks worn.
c. Pre-game coin toss must be executed at six ft social distancing with face masks worn
d. All refereeing will be done with 6 ft spacing when possible.

4. Game Play
a. Pre and post play, players will remain in their positions, 6ft apart.
b. There will be no team huddles during play.
c. Plays will be called by the coach from the sideline using a play wristband. Each player will have a play wristband.
d. There should be no intentional contact between players, coaches, and game staff at all during the 2020 season. There will be no hand-shakes, high fives, back slaps, fist pumps or the like which involves any physical contact before, during, or after the games.
e. Upon play completion, referees will instruct players to drop pulled flags, hand the ball to the referee and distance.
f. All players and coaches not on the active field of play will be spread out along the sidelines. Players must remain alert to the possibility of a football or player straying onto the sidelines during live action.
g. The sideline should have marked spaces on the sidelines that are at least six feet apart for each player and his/her equipment.
h. Post-game, teams will line up 10 yards apart and congratulate each other on a good game verbally and by clapping.
i. All players must use their own equipment: Jersey, flag belt, mouth guard, mask and wristband play sheet. No players may share equipment.
j. Coaches will be allowed on the field for a limited time, ensuring appropriate distance for instructional purposes only.
k. Coaches must call the referee to their sideline with any rules related questions and remain 6ft away. For the safety of all we will not allow any arguing calls with the referee.

5. New Safety
a. Mouth Guards
i. All players must utilize a mouth guard during all practices and games.
ii. Mouth Guard must remain in a players mouth for the entirety of the practice/game. It can be removed for injury. If a player does not have a mouth guard, they will not be able to participate in practice or game.
iii. If a player removes their mouth guard, they will be instructed to utilize hand sanitizer.
b. Face Mask Usage
i. Coaches/Referees/Volunteers MUST wear face masks during practices and games.
ii. Players MUST wear face masks during game play, while on the field. Players are encouraged to wear face masks when not in the game and MUST when 6ft social distancing is not possible.
iii. All parents attending the practices and games as a spectator MUST wear a mask.
iv. If a player, coach, referee or volunteer does not have a mask, they will not be able to participate in the practice or game
v. If any player, coach, parent, spectator or game official is not adhering to social distancing and face mask regulations, they may be instructed to wear a mask by league officials, referee, or coaches.
vi. Refusal to wear a mask and social distance, or continued warnings to properly do so by a coach, referee or league official during a game will result in player/coach/spectator disqualification from the event.
c. Coaches will have access to a COVID Kit, which will include masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, disinfectant wipes, among other PPE, in addition to a First Aid kit and football equipment.
d. Players should carry primary and back-up masks and hand sanitizer in their personal equipment bag.
e. Injury Response – If a player is injured, while coaches will be first on the scene, they will look to maintain their distance. If a player is severely injured, a coach will administer any first aid needed as usual. If deemed necessary, a coach will call upon the player’s parent/guardian to come onto the field and assist to allow for personal contact and routine first aid. As always, if needed call 911 for additional emergency support.

6. Equipment
a. No candy! No gum! No Food! No spitting! No eating of any kind on the sideline area!
b. Each player should bring his/her own personal water bottle and/or refreshments which should not be shared.
c. No team water coolers, team coolers or refreshment sharing before, during and after practices/games.
d. The League will provide footballs to each team prior to the season start. Each team’s footballs will only be handled by that individual team.
e. Footballs are to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes (provided in COVID Kit) following and prior to each practice/game.
f. Footballs, will be returned to the sidelines for cleaning upon excess touching or a turnover on downs by the opposing team.
g. In game and between possessions, the footballs should be disinfected, and returned to the field with the offensive team’s quarterback
h. Where possible, players will retrieve incomplete passes to minimize touching by referees, opposing players and spectators.
i. All players must use their own equipment: Jersey, flag belt, mouth guard, mask and wristband play sheet. No players may share equipment.
j. Individual players must take their equipment with them following practices and games. Coaches should not take flag belts and wristbands with them. Players/Parents should wash and disinfect this equipment following and prior to each practice/games.

7. Spectator Attendance
a. Game attendance by spectators will be limited to immediate family of a player only. No extended family, or friends. If attendee(s) do not have a player participating in the game, they will be asked to leave.
b. Attendance numbers will be limited to the current state gathering guidance. Currently, 25 non player attendees for a single field and game.
c. For multiple field events, each field will be spaced 14 feet apart. Each field will be considered a separate game.
d. All spectators must maintain 6 ft social distancing. It is recommended that spectators bring their own blankets as bleacher access may be minimal and GMHS Turf Field does not permit chairs.
e. Players/parents/spectators should vacate the field/facility as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of their practice/game to minimize unnecessary contact between other players/teams from football or other sports.
f. No Spectators will be permitted at practices. Parent/Guardians are asked to remain in their cars at drop off, pick-up and during practice.

8. Any instances not listed above will be left up to the discretion of the coaches and the GYFFL Board of Directors. All teams and coaches MUST adhere to these rules for the safety of everyone involved.

COVID-19 Communication Plan
1. Player parent will notify coach of symptoms, illness, contact with an individual that is positive or presumptive positive and/or travel to a location currently on the Massachusetts, Department of Health restricted list. Player will refrain from participation from football activities based on healthcare professional recommendations. Player may not participate until 14 days of isolation with no symptoms, negative COVID result from participant or presumptive positive from contacted individual.
2. Coach will notify the Division Director with details.
3. Division Director will notify the League Commissioner with details and make a determination on next steps.
4. Coach will notify the team of the situation. Based on team exposure, team(s) will isolate or participate without impacted player(s).
5. Division Director will communicate with Division coaches and its participants. Based on exposure, play will cease or team(s) will isolate or participate without impacted team/player.
6. League Commissioner will communicate with League participants. Based on exposure, all play will cease, or division(s) will isolate or team(s) will isolate or participate without impacted division/team/player.
7. Upon notification of a COVID positive player and determination of the broader league impact, GYFFL will communicate findings with a designated Georgetown School District point of contact. GSD contact TBD.

GYFFL Key Contacts
Logan Umberger,, (610) 505-1341
Division Directors
Pete Lucido,
Mike Paglia,
Brian King,
David Twiss,
Brian Anderton,