Georgetown Athletics Association


If you have a question about GYSA's Return to Play plan, please email Ross Olson, GYSA COVID Officer.

The information here was published for fall of 2020. As we get more instruction from ECYSA, MYSA, the Board of Health and other officials guiding the COVID response, we will update as needed. Please consider the following information to still be current until further notice.








The following recaps what is expected by each individual participating:

Spectator Responsibilities

• No spectators will be allowed at practice. Players should be dropped off and picked up by Parents/Guardians.
• Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay in their cars and observe practice if they wish.
• During games, only 1 parent/guardian will be allowed to accompany each player so long as social distancing is possible.
     ◦  If one parent is a coach, another parent is allowed to spectate.
     ◦  If you volunteered as a Team COVID Monitor, a second adult spectator is allowed. Siblings are allowed but please no playing or running with others
• Spectators will need to maintain 6’ social distancing. There will be markings painted on the field to help with this.
• Each team will designate a parent or coach as a Covid Safety Monitor to assist in adhering Covid-19 restrictions on the spectator sideline. This is a critical component to the overall success of the plan.

3 Stirke Rule for spectators not following protocols.

If a spectator is asked to comply with a COVID protocol, and they do not respond, they will be subject to the following:

First strike is a warning
Second strike is a week suspension for the family (including all players participating)
Third Strike is the removal of the family from the season, no refund. There will be no appeals, and no discussion.

If you are asked to pull up your mask, or distance yourself from others, or follow any of the above mentioned rules, please know this is in an effort to keep the program safe and running. No one is trying to infringe on your rights, we care working towards a common goal. Please do your part to model good behavior and set the example for all. Soccer is a team sport, lets all be part of the same team! 

Coach Responsibilities

• Follow the return to play protocols
Wear your face mask anytime you are at the field or with your players
• Consistent, positive communication
• Be flexible, situations can change quickly and we will all have to adapt. You are empowered to find a solution.
• Send players home if they are not feeling well
• Attendance must be taken AND recorded at every practice and game. Save these records
• The Team Connect app has been enabled for teams to utilize (Attendance)
• Ensure adequate 6’ social distancing for players when possible (practice, drills, sideline set up, etc.)
• Ensure all players have their own equipment (no sharing)
• Distribute individual Pinnies to each player to use for the duration of the season
• Coaches handle all equipment used for practice such as cones, goals, etc.
• Encourage “creative”, new forms of celebration! 

Players Responsibilities

• Bring your own PPE: Hand Sanitizer, Mask (no neck Gaiters)
• Equipment: Bring your own equipment (ball, shin guards, Water Bottle). GYSA will only provide game balls. We cannot share equipment. If you cannot supply a ball, ask your coach and they might be able to get a ball for your use during the season.
• Pinnie – each player will receive their own Pinnie to use throughout the season.
• No high 5’s, handshakes, or other group celebrations that cannot be done safely (6’ social distant)
• 6’ or more Physical Distancing whenever possible (on the sidelines, during drills, etc.). Set up cones on the sidelines to help with this.
• Wear your face masks - must cover the nose and mouth and attach via ear loops